Analytics tools for games

An analytics tool is a useful helper which will help you:

  • meet behavior of users in your app
  • find possible problems and space for improvements
  • track required events and health of your app.

Alright, sounds useful. What analytics should I use?

If you are a core sadist with enthusiasm to re-inventing a wheel, you can try create an own analytics. However, there is always better choice to select one from a wide range of often free and quality ready-to-use analytics softwares.

Google analytics

Google analytics is a free to use analytics tool made by Google available for iOS, android and web.

If you are doing a game running in a browser, Google analytics for web is must have thing. In GameArter, this analytics is implemented natively and provides informations of all web-based data extended for basic in-game analytics data as game scenes, events and other actions defined over SDK. See more in separated article related to Google Analytics.

If you are focused on iOS and android only, you can use Google Firebase. Google Firebase reviews.

Game Analytics

Game analytics is a complex free to use tool available for all common platforms & engines.

All mentioned above sounds as the right tool, right? Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. The tax for complexity is a more complicated commissioning and setting requiring special gameobjects. At the end of a day, this analytics can increase also performance usage of your game.

Unity Analytics

If you do in Unity engine, its native analytics tool will be probably the first will come to attention. Although it offers less features due to shortest time of existence and development, if its features are sufficient for you, and you do games with unity only, there is no reason not to use it. Moreover, other features will come in a time.

Read Unity analytics reviews.


Flurry, Parse, Keen IO, Countly, Adobe Analytics ...- There are really many tools you can select from. There are ususlly a light differences of working with the analytics, data visualisation, performance consumption of tracking and price of using.