Gaming economy - Why we need a currency

Gaming consists of many parts - playing, commenting, reporting bugs, contributing in fundrisings, and many others. Our goal is to link it all together. Connect all games, websites and users together. That's what one global currency can do.

Currency will be emmited by users' actions. There is many ways how a user can earn the currency. He can spend time by active playing, add quality and popular comments which other likes, send useful feedback to developers, create promotional videos on youtube, or simply, by buying with FIAT currencies.

Spending currency will be in in-game shops for gaming items, getting advantages, disabling ads and so on. Also, the important point is that every posted comments and voting (in a survey of next game development steps) will consume the currency. However, if the comment has positive reviews (likes), the user will earn the currency for every like. If a comment does not make any sense, or is full of vulgarities, such comment will have probably negative feedback (dislikes) and will not earn anything. This should eliminate discussion spam.

The currency is also useful for promotion. It is a way how we can reward influencers which will promote games in the system. With these rewards, game promotions will be easier for them, because they will have enough funds to buy any item in games. Currency is also useful for marketing. By rewards and discounts, users will have reasons to return to the games, be more active in them and start using the currency even more. Such currency then will become a common part of their lives.

In the future, there is a possibility to carry out a fundrusing for games and many other useful stuff. That's why we see a sense to have a currency.

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