Leaderboard configuration

GameArter leaderboard screenshot

Game leaderboards are fully managed by GameArter's leaderboard service. Leaderboard configuration must be set for every event separately. For right functionality of leaderboard counting, configurate activated leaderboard by filling following:

  • 1

    Clear readeable name

    For displaying in the leaderboard UI. Select any word which captures best meaning of the leaderboard. Because of limited space, choose maximally phrase of 2 short words.

  • 2

    Format of displayed value

    Select whether results displayed in leaderboard UI should be in format of a number (e.g. 50), or a time (e.g. 1:52:48).

  • 3

    Leaderboard logic

    On basis of the meaning of leaderboard for certain event, leaderboard my be counted by 2 ways - permanently or via single shots.

2 Options of leaderboard logic

  • A

    Permanent counting

    Permanent counting logic does sum of all achieved scores within all playing time and splits it to individual scores received in certain time period (day / week / month / all time). As an example we can take general kills in a multiplayer shooter game. Such value is not usually limited, a user can reach any number of kills. By using "Permanent counting logic", every kill is processed to leaderboard and increases value of score in all leaderboard periods.

    Time periods display sum of achieved kills in selected period (today / this week / this month / all time).

    Counting logic from playing 2 game sessions: (10 + 12 = 22)

  • B

    One-time shot

    For cases when there is need to track leaderboard only for limited time period, typically 1 game session. As an example we can take a look at archer game tracking achieved score from 10 shots. Target in archer game is usually to achieve the highest possible score within 1 game session (certain number of shots). Game design is following: 10 shots and then end screen displaying reached score and option to play again. In this case, leaderboard mark is updated only if the current achieved score is the best achieved score today, which can be further transformed to personal top score of week, month and all time as well.

    Time periods display top achieved score in selected period (today / this week / this month / all time).

    Counting logic from playing 2 games: (10 + 12 = 12)

    NOTE: This option is being in progress and will be available by the end on January

Advantage of GameArter's leaderboard with time periods

All players - new comers as well as veterans - are equal each other in a chance to fill top possitions in leaderboard in periods "day","week" and "month". Logically, by counting score for these lower timeframes, all players starts them with score 0 and all players can challange each other with a start of every timeframe. However, best achieved values of all players are still written permanently in "all time" section, so noone loses his top achieved possition.

Configuration Example in practice

GameArter leaderboard screenshot