The story behind GameArter

A browser is a great place for playing games. Games are free to play and do not require any installation. Their availability is cross-platform and their quality grows rapidly. A browser is also another distribution channel for acquiring new players. We believe that the website might be for developers on the same level as Steam, Google Play, App Store, or Amazon Underground.

Current problem

The problem of browser games is really small market compared to other platforms. It is because of two reasons:

  • A technology: WebGL and HTML5 games were terrible 2 years ago. However, technology goes forward fast and this disadvantage is being slowly eliminated.
  • Low quality games: Browser games are developed by fans in most cases. Most games are created from the same kits and do not offer anything interesting for users. That's why users base is really small. The games have high fluctuation of players with minimum of engagement.

Our solution

To get new players to the market, we need to bring high quality games. The development of such games is very costly. That's why developers should have as much high incomes as possible. Only this way, they can do better and better games and help the industry to grow.

GameArter is being developed as a fully open and trasparent system. Most incomes go to developers, GameArter has only a small share to cover the expenses of hosting games, paying a multiplayer solutions, and people taking care about GameArter systems. No middle-men, nor shares for publishers. There is no space for this, we need to focus on helping the industry to grow, not on making money for gaming websites.

The real added value is developing new games and improving current popular games. Only such games might bring new players.

Why having games on all websites via one platform really matters

There is not a difference, whether a game is on one or ten platforms. The game is still on the same websites, there is still the same number of potential players. Adjusting games for more platforms costs only developer's time. There is no added value to do this.

We do not care about brand in the games, we feel that we are on a more important mission than accumulating as many games with own brand as possible. Therefore, our SDK contains multi-brand solution. Thanks to that, every website can run all games in the system under own brand. The only condition to do that, they can promote the game or increase incomes for its developer if possible. It is a win-win solution, it saves time to developers and webmasters. Moreover, besides time, webmasters will save money for paying licenses for games and more powerful servers and developers will earn more money for further development. The negative thing for webmasters is a loss of their shares. Unfortunately, this is not the time for earning money. Firstly, we need to create the market.

The ecosystem we are creating

Our goal is to connect developers, players and webmasters together. Create a channel for their mutual communication. Developers will get valuable feedback (from players and webmasters), players will get access to great games and webmasters content for further distribution. All will be happy with the result, because they will be part of its development.

All games will be connected together. No matter on what website a user plays a game from GameArter ecosystem, he will be playing on one account and will earn one currency. When he will move to other game from GameArter ecosystem on other website, he will not lose anything, he will have all his coins and progress.

Right now, GameArter ecosystem has its own gaming website - This website is fully connected with all features of GameArter system. The website uses GameArter user accounts, GameArter currency, discussion solutions and all other modules available in GamePlayer. Every game in GameArter system will be automatically promoted on this website. We are going to add other partners soon.

The task of these websites will be improving users' engagement. Gaming websites are content providers of the games. By using currency, these websites will get new options for increase frequency of returning visits, number of played games, number of bought items, inviting friends and other stuff helping the industry.

Making achieving these goals possible, GameArter is an open platform. Everyone can join in. With bigger number of games, developers, and players using the system, the strength of the system will grow exponentially. If our vision does make sense to you, upload your game to the system.

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