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SDK Features

Explanation of basic SDK features. Availability of the features for individual game engines is mentioned on documentation pages for individual game engines.

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Personal Support

Anything unclear or any error and no quick help in the documentation or on the internet? Feel free to contact GameArter support which will reply and help with GameArter and game-releasing related issues assoon as possible.

Authentization service

  • Automatical login on basis of platform
  • Synchronized data and identity for all platforms

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Users management

  • Automatical sign-in
  • Segmentation on basis of behaviour
  • Access to user data
  • Targeted notifications

Smart game-logic services

Server based, cross-platform supported setup of game-design and engagement related features.
  • smart Achievements
  • smart Leaderboards
  • smart Rewards
  • Game progress design
  • Game items design
  • Auto-saving
  • basic protection of data-manipulation (e.g. over cheatengine)

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Data management service

Work with data by a secure way. All data transfers between game and GameArter servers are automatically protected from manipulation by hashing and cryptograhy.

  • Storing data & files on server

Monetization Service

Native implemetation for communication with GameArter and other 3rd-party monetization features
  • In-app advertisments
  • In-app purchases

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Distribution service

  • Gaming websites
  • Option of assistance for release on Google Play

Connection with GameArter world

All GameArter games are connected under 1 user account which removes login-wall and thus decrease losees of players. After sigging in a first game, a player can then play any other game connected / powered by GameArter. Once a plazer is being logged in one game without seeing or provided any login informations.

All games powered by GameArter can be connected each other via shared gaming token (credit) called GRT. This credit allow to buy in-game items, sell them and move player's game wealth between games. In addiction of increased engagement from playing for users, the main benefit is in a new way of natively implemented in-app purchases over the credit which provide zero-fee for microtransactions and allow users to buy a bag of credit at once and then spend it in various games.

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Network (multiplayer) games

GameArter provides access to Exit Games (Photon) solution.

Other services for web games


Complex game player optimized for running on all kinds of screens, including many modules increasing user engagement.
  • GamePlayer with customiyation options
  • Discussion module
  • UI for achievements and leaderboards
  • Module for sharing
  • Module for game and developer presentation
  • Module for displaying mode developer's games
  • Module for displaying images
  • Module for reporting bugs
  • Module for development log - polls & updates

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Hosting service

Host and update files from one palce. Optimized solution for achieving the lowest possible price while maintaining sufficient speed and performance.

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Price of it?

GameArter can be used under pay-as-you use model or with simplier model of revenue share. See Pricing section. In both cases, till your game does not reach hundreds of playes, you use GameArter for free.